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High employee turnover?
Extremely costly

75% of the causes of employee turnover are preventable.
Act now and engage your workforce with meaningful feedback.

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Learn what’s driving employee satisfaction.

We’ll prioritize your insights so you can focus on
what you do best: planning and implementing improvements.

That outdated, big annual survey isn’t
going to engage anyone. Try our way.

Having your employees give feedback with Starred HR is super easy.

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Improve Employee Engagement

Keep it simple

Giving feedback should be easy and fun. Brand and customize your Starred surveys. Be ready for high response rates

Improve Employee Engagement

Calendarise & Automate

Plan recurring and ad-hoc surveys to gather employee feedback Recurring invitations, from onboarding to monthly happiness and larger satisfaction surveys.

Improve Employee Engagement


Your respondents can provide anonymous feedback – privacy maintained, answers given honestly.

We'll crunch the numbers

Actionable insights. Prioritised by impact.

Improve Employee Engagement

Ok, what do I improve first?

Learn what needs improving first in order to boost employee happiness. Our Priority Matrix will figure it out for you.

Improve Employee Engagement

Every team is different

Our dashboards allow you flexibility to filter and compare by teams, roles, time periods – however you need.

Priority Matrix

“With an 80% response rate and extensive depth to the results we’re confident in turning insights into action.”


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Enjoy all the benefits...



Have your employees give feedback anonymously.

Flexible API

Flexible API

Save time and manual work – integrate Starred into your existing workflow. Trigger surveys automatically.

Flexible API

We’ve got your (feed)back

Tailor-made setups, onboardings and training.


Reflect your organisation

Every team is different – build accounts to mirror your team/ division and org structure.

Extra mile

Our team goes the extra mile

We’ve got the expertise. Lets work together aligning eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) to your strategic goals.

Flexible API

Deep dive into your results

Send out and analyze feedback at every brand/regional/management level.

Flexible API

Private and Secure by design

Military-grade encryption. Your employee data is safe with Starred.


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